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The outlook on the organic foods industry is looking extremely positive. The Happy Plant Guy, an organic agriculture industry expert, is on a mission to expand the output of organic farms utilizing his unique soil blend, plant nutrients, and clean water. To be a truly organic food product, one must consider all aspects of plant growth then test the crop for purity.

The Happy Plant Guy suggests, “If any plant grower experiences contaminants in their crop, one should look at the input.”
Input is considered the soil, nutrients and water provided to any plant. The Happy Plant Guy provides an arsenal of resources for the home grower to large commercial farms. This proven system is composed of all organic coconut coir, soil with worm castings, vital plant nutrients and clean energized water.
The Happy Plant Guy explains, “Imagine a yummy organic sponge cake filled with a delectable gooey center. Now imagine the sponge cake is the coconut coir. The gooey center in the middle are plant amendments.”

ORGANIC PLANT INPUT – COCONUT COIR Coconut Coir is the basis for giving organic soil its structure. The coir is the outer hairy husk of the coconut surrounding the shell of the coconut. The coir chips, coir fiber or coir pith/dust are used for agriculture/ the fiber and chips are used for air space and drainage.
The consistency of coconut coir is much like peat and mimics the soil’s ability to absorb water. However, it is not soil. Harvested from tropical farms, like a magnet salt clings to the coir. With most coconut coir products on the market today, it must be properly washed prior to use. This process eliminates other minerals such as calcium and magnesium while balancing potassium.

Mold spores and heavy metals (ex. cadmium) are a significant problem in the coconut coir industry. Coconut coir products on the market today may have been harvested from an organic farm. Yet without drying it properly prior to storage, mold spores form during the rainy season at tropical farms. If these detrimental bacteria form, “root rot” can present a major problem when used as a plant medium. In hydroponic growing, the water and nutrients cycle to all plants. If harmful bacteria are introduced into the water supply via untreated coconut coir, this will adversely affect all plants in a hydroponic grow. The economic impact of losing crops is devastating. 

To address this issue, The Happy Plant Guy’s coconut coir product is harvested from an organic farm with a 35-year history of supplying organic coconut food products to widely known retail store chains including Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Sprouts. 

The Happy Plant Guy’s coconut coir is uniquely processed prior to shipping. Coconut coir is naturally high in compounds called lignins that encourage development of beneficial bacteria. A proprietary blend of beneficials are added and then completely dried in custom-made machinery prior to storage. The Happy Plant Guy’s coconut coir product is ready-to-use. This is a significant time-saving benefit to growers. 

Top 10 Benefits of Using Coconut Coir:
1. Promotes strong root growth and plant vigor.
2. Coco coir is completely environmentally friendly.
3. Encourages beneficial bacteria and discourages harmful bacteria.
4. It is a 100% renewable resource
5. Coco has an ideal pH range of 6.0-6.8.
6. Coco coir never shrinks, cracks or produces crust
7. High lingin and cellulose content
8. Coco coir is odorless, pleasant to handle, and uniform in composition.
9. Coir has a high cation exchange, meaning it can store unused minerals to be released to the plant as and when it requires it.
10. Contains significant amounts of phosphorous (10-50ppm) and potassium (150-450 ppm).

ORGANIC PLANT INPUT – SOIL The Happy Plant Guy’s plant amendments feature organic soil with worm castings. The earthworms producing the castings are raised and fed a proprietary blend of organic foods. Earthworm castings permeate the soil, digesting available materials. The casting composition is exactly what plants can identify and absorb.

ORGANIC PLANT INPUT – NUTRIENTS Also available from The Happy Plant Guy are Amal Gold Nutrients’ full line of plant growing products including a liquid soil digester with amino acids as well as powder veg formula, bloom formula, calcium/magnesium, and bloom enhancer.

ORGANIC PLANT INPUT – WATER The Happy Plant Guy concludes, “An organic cake is best enjoyed with a cool refreshing beverage.” In the context of providing plants with everything their systems can readily process, The Happy Plant Guy also provides a revolutionary, patent-pending clean water vortex system for grows of all sizes. These energized water systems are complete with either a vortex water purifier or an energized, vortex water purifier.

Seeing what “nature intended” is believing. This regular sized store-bought organic lemon weighs in at 1/4 pound. In contrast, a lemon grown with The Happy Plant Guy’s soil, amendments and water produces lemons tipping the scale at over one pound each. The Happy Plant Guy’s lemon fruit is sweet, plump, and full of juice. The rind is thin, easily peeled and soft to the touch. Just two of The Happy Plant Guy’s lemons yielded a jug of lemonade.


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